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Many families pride themselves on the traditions that they establish and continue from generation to generation, and the Curley Family is no different. Over the years, Curley has developed a faculty that exemplifies dedication, teamwork, and professionalism with an eye toward the success of students.

These traits are what make the Curley faculty a fundamental building block of the Curley Family. Composed of a blend of religious and lay teachers committed to the Franciscan ideals of the school, Curley’s faculty takes an active role in student education, both in and out of the classroom.

Always utilizing new teaching techniques and assessment measures to better meet the needs of each student, Curley’s faculty also integrates the best of modern technology with conventional fundamentals. Ever mindful of Curley’s role as a college preparatory school, the faculty is dedicated to providing young men with the skills and experience necessary to meet the rigors and demands of higher education. Curley’s faculty understands that taking an interest in each student’s character development, academics and spirituality reflects an attention to the whole person, which motivates students to succeed.

One tradition that Curley values most is the return of alumni to become faculty and administrators. At present, Archbishop Curley employs 17 alumni on the faculty and staff. The desire to return to the halls of Curley and help shape the lives of young men, as once was done to them, is a testament to the value of our alumni faculty and the quality of education.

What you can expect from Curley is small classes taught by outstanding faculty who make students’ learning their number one priority. At Curley, students learn by getting involved. They’re involved in theatre, in athletics, in student government, in community service, and in just about every other way imaginable. We break down the barriers between what happens inside the classroom and what happens outside it to offer an educational experience that’s multifaceted, dynamic, and connected.

Catholic Education In The Franciscan Tradition

Since its founding Archbishop Curley High School has been entrusted to the Franciscan Friars of the Order of Friars Minor Conventual. This school community, therefore, finds its understanding and expression of the Gospel in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, for whom the only rule of life was the Gospel. Drawing on more than 750 years of the Franciscan tradition of teaching and preaching, the faculty and administration of Archbishop Curley High School seek to form a learning community inspired by the vision of St. Francis. Curley is the only Franciscan high school in the State of Maryland.

The Franciscan tradition of education sees growth toward the goal of love of God and neighbor as a three-fold process. First a person must hear the word of truth. Second, when it is heard and taken to heart, the truth has an influence upon the person’s very being. In a third movement, this process brings the person to a change of heart, allowing him to incarnate the values of Christian living. Through the information of the mind, the formation of character, and finally a personal transformation, the Gospel mandate to love God and love neighbor can be fulfilled. This tradition, witnessed to as a way of life by the Friars who reside at the school, and sincerely shared by the faculty and staff, is the hallmark of Archbishop Curley High School.